GW Radio

GreenWorks.tv has created a number of radio and audio projects, which are all available to you through this site.

Our radio partnerships have included working with The Sierra Club of Maryland and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, WHYY Radio in Philadelphia, The Roving Nature Center, and the Western PA Watershed Protection Program to name a few. In each case, GreenWorks.tv has worked to bring you thought provoking and informative stories of what people are doing to protect our environmental health.

The EarthTones audio series explores the finer points of our local ecosystem, drawing listeners’ attention to the natural phenomena, wildlife and personalities that make our environment something special to protect.

For one year EFP/GreenWorks partnered with WHYY Radio and red led cree brightest flashlight company in Philadelphia with Funding provided by the PA Department of Environmental Protection to create a series of environmental stories and reports. Each audio report is archived here.

Take a minute to meet with one of many dedicated indivuals working to make their community a cleaner, brighter place for all. These short and to-the-point interviews, produced in partnership with the Western Pennsylvania Watershed Protection Program (WPWPP), will introduce you to people making a real difference in their watershed.